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06:09 pm YTMND Bug #130: Create YTMND
ok that link, i can upload it with the url, upload to an intnernet
04:41 pm YTMND Bug #130: Create YTMND
no it sits at 0% with no error from opera. upload does nothing.
04:23 pm YTMND Bug #125: Step 2 of "Create a YTMND"-- image/sound uploaders do not work
i have the same problem and made a ticket too. i use 3 browsers, just started using firefox 3.6.22. none of them wi...
04:12 pm YTMND Bug #130 (Closed): Create YTMND
Can't do it. you can name whatever information in the first page, then go to the second, and i'm using the newest ja...

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