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11:36 am YTMND Bug #131 (Unverified): Selecting a Preview Image
I can usually upload a preview image without trouble, but it gets weird when I use the option to choose an existing Y...


12:03 am YTMND Bug #105 (New): Chat doesn't work when YTMND is down
the problem with YTMND hosting its own chat is that when YTMND goes down, now the "toggle chat" link on the "down pag...


08:01 pm YTMND Feature #77 (Unverified): Deeper comment nesting
Might there be some way to allow comment nesting to go deeper than five "sub-replies"?
Reddit can do it: http://www....


04:24 pm YTMND Bug #49 (Closed): "6 minutes ago" (time issues)
It seems that whenever I send a PM or post a site, it immediately says that it was posted 6 minutes ago. I never rec...

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