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01:31 am YTMND Bug #122: Rearrange the front page
Er...I meant to add this as a "feature" and not a bug.
01:30 am YTMND Bug #122 (Unverified): Rearrange the front page
YTMND 2.1 has been around for a month now and maybe you've noticed that sites with a rating as low as 3.2 are making ...


06:00 pm YTMND Bug #114: Some comments remain hidden after being +'d back to (0)
Just a follow up on this with a related bug. Unless someone else has already commented on it again, look at my string...
05:29 pm YTMND Bug #117 (Unverified): User name(s) still remain invisible
Not sure whose it is this time, but here:
I don't think it's http://y...


12:56 pm YTMND Bug #113 (Unverified): The top viewed all-time is a bit buggy
That, or congratulations to you and lina on 1,000,000,000+ hits!


11:22 pm YTMND Bug #92 (Unverified): Direct links to comments on pages with multiple comment pages don't work
Say you want to link someone to a comment on a site that has several pages of comments (for instance, this is from th...


11:58 am YTMND Bug #76 (Resolved): Can't view sites
Click any site and you'll get this message:
YTMND has encountered an error!
YTMND has run into an error that it c...


12:11 am YTMND Bug #75 (Unverified): Refresh button in sites won't work in Google Chrome
The bottom left refresh button doesn't seem to refresh GIFs but it refreshes the audio.


04:41 pm YTMND Feature #62: Display full date/time of site creation
Yes, that's perfect. Thanks.


09:52 am YTMND Bug #57: Force-wrapped comments can overflow the maximum length of a field.
Bleh, wrong direct link...

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