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Reported issues: 48


10:01 am YTMND Bug #130 (Closed): Create YTMND


09:35 am YTMND Bug #106: Java script error after viewing first page
A fix was pushed for this today, finally. Please clear your cache and verify the bug does not still exist.


12:27 pm YTMND 0.50 hour (Bug #120 (Fixed): Searching for comments returns an error)
fixed the bug
12:27 pm YTMND Bug #120 (Fixed): Searching for comments returns an error
This should be fixed now.
12:19 pm YTMND Feature #110 (Planned): Thumbnail view of all sites on a user's profile
12:00 pm YTMND Bug #126 (Rejected): Button to reply to old private messages broken.


04:22 pm YTMND Bug #130: Create YTMND
Does the page at work for you?


11:38 am YTMND Bug #127 (Verfied): News list shows hidden news posts
When staging news posts, they are listed by various parts of the news code when they shouldnt be.


08:20 pm YTMND Bug #106: Java script error after viewing first page
This is happening because you are getting a javascript error in IE9 at which point the javascript interface stops res...


11:36 am YTMND 1.00 hour (Bug #119 (Resolved): Can't access news post)

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