Bug #28

Domains longer than 63 characters are invalid/broken

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Status:Closed Start date:04/05/2011
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Category:Back-end Spent time: 9.00 hours
Target version:YTMND 2.1 Estimated time:8.00 hours


Attempting to open a url with a sub-domain 64 characters or longer will return "Server not found". (63 characters being the maximum between any two dots in a valid url, as far as I know)

The ytmnd creation page allows you enter a domain up to 128 characters in length. There's a plethora of broken sites if you browse for "least voted on"...just a bunch of sites floating around that nobody can view or vote on.


#1 Updated by Max Goldberg about 8 years ago

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Confirmed, not sure how I missed this; I think this has been a bug since the beginning of YTMND.

Patched in revision r1871.

This is a note to add the following to the YTMND 2.1 upgrade script:

  • Truncate/rename or delete any sites with LENGTH > 63.
  • Truncate/rename or delete any site_creation entries with LENGTH > 63.

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Just verified that in RFC 1035 "labels" (subdomains) must be no longer than 63 octets.

Created a migration script in the 2.1 manifest to fix and update domains > 63 characters long in Revision r2048 updated Site creator regex in Revision r2049.

This should be all fixed in 2.1.

#4 Updated by Max Goldberg almost 8 years ago

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