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"Waiting for your dumb computer" in firefox

Added by Father McKenzie over 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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While "Waiting for your dumb computer" is displayed, the foreground/background images' "timers" begin to play (if they're an animated .gifs), causing the site to be out of sync with the sound. If you click the "reload" button in the bottom left corner, the images reset, but there is no sound. I've tried playing the same site in IE and Chrome, and there is no problem. Try http://thejokeremainsthesame.ytmnd.com, for an example.


#1 Updated by The Marquis over 7 years ago

Not having this issue on my firefox, I hear the screaming guy scream as he appears.
However I'm running an old version of the browser: Firefox/3.6.25
I also have a quick loading time, perhaps the desync occurs when more time has passed.

Could you specify your firefox version? (click help>about Mozilla Firefox)

#2 Updated by Father McKenzie over 7 years ago

I'm running version 8.0. Old versions should work fine; I don't remember having this issue with old versions of Firefox.

Another thingy of note is that whenever I refresh, the browser always has to load the element(s) again (i.e. it starts at 32%). It refuses to keep one or more of the site elements cached.

#3 Updated by Father McKenzie over 7 years ago

Seems to be working on 9.0.1, now. But the issue where the site-refresh button in the bottom-left corner does not refresh the sound persists.

#4 Updated by The Marquis over 7 years ago

Now the site completely stays blank for me on Firefox/3.6.26
It works normally on my chrome

weird stuff

#5 Updated by The Marquis over 7 years ago

Adds do not work on my Chrome:

Not Found

The requested URL /adcycle.cgi was not found on this server.

ah well, it's not like the site is currently making much money in it's condition

#6 Updated by Laiza Gibbs almost 7 years ago

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I never encounter that kind of error in Firefox. If those things happen again just re-install the browser or scan your computer for viruses. If the problem is still there, I prefer that you better read essaydot.com research papers about Firefox.

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