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My vision on how to get YTMND popular again

Added by The Marquis over 7 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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I'll just copy what I typed into the survey I did on the site, I'd really like to see YTMND get popular so here are my two cents:

I'm a longtime fan of YTMND, even before I made an account.
And I do see your weakness, clearly.
The 2 big weaknesses of this site are not to function optimally on facebook(look at 9gag posts and look at yours, a lot less people click your links) and secondly not to allow other content.
Why can't one post pictures, why can't one post video's?
Because there are other sites for that? WRONG! Because we let other sites like f*cking 9gag run away with those possibilities.
Make separate portals for quick lols in all formats, I wonder what results including flash submissions would give.

...Also improve the "back to YTMND" function, new people need to be able to go to the front page in one click from a site a friend sent them, and when they come there to discover the site the first content they should see is the best of the week or month like on newgrounds(instead of the situation right now where it's easy not to go to the front page after viewing a site nor does the first content you come in contact with always encourage new visits.)


#1 Updated by The Marquis over 7 years ago

If ytmnd could get just the pictures portal with functioning icons on facebook, that would get us rolling really well.

#2 Updated by The Marquis over 7 years ago

hmm not getting much feedback on this

#3 Updated by Kelly Kapowski over 7 years ago

Aside from pulling the plug, the simplest and perhaps only feasible way to revive YTMND at this point would be to give the upcoming "Front Page Time Machine" prominence on the front page.

#4 Updated by The Marquis about 7 years ago

A time machine best of all time would be nice.

But it would heavily discourage any new content.

If nothing is done about the site then I suggest the time machine front page to be initiated and a second site new.ytmnd.com to be created for new submissions, it would function in the same way the current front page works.

This way you'd get a lot of people to stream back to the ytmnd.com which would in turn provide traffic and thus new submission on new.ytmnd.com

Plus after being a year on new.ytmnd.com and still having a 4+ score the submission could automatically be transfered to ytmnd.com

#5 Updated by Kelly Kapowski about 7 years ago

Expanding on the time machine concept, here's how to keep it even simpler. Let's make YTMND popular again by eliminating the notion of a front page altogether.


"When I first made YTMND, I didn't even envision a community. I never thought YTMND would become a "portal"; I figured people would come here, 
make a YTMND and then send it to their friends or post it on forums. I didn't think people to actually visit YTMND to see new content.
I never expected it to be a destination, only the host of some creations people would see in passing."

-- Max Goldberg, 2007

#6 Updated by The Marquis about 7 years ago

Sigh, I've read the post and I see things clearly now.

Max Goldberg is a good man, someone filled with empathy and benevolence. Someone I can identify with and respect.

But he learned from mistakes he could have foresaw. He's a terrible economic strategist.

As for your suggestion, I'm afraid it's well meant but sadly enough strategically flawed.

If you do not have a portal, if you aren't centralized, if you're nothing but a host with an upload page...

then it's only a question of time before the big sites linking to you realize they could do the hosting themselves and benefit from that extra advertising banner you're currently gaining from.

Only they'd have two banners, monetizing more.

And as the users would migrate to this and other bigger communities, ytmnd would slowly fade into oblivion.

#7 Updated by The Marquis about 7 years ago

No, I'm wasting my time here. I should focus on my own little internet empire.

Max has once more learned

and now knows that "there needs to be a better way in place to see the massive archive of content on YTMND."

And though more traffic will mean more costs too, I think he'll survive.

#9 Updated by Kelly Kapowski about 7 years ago


So is Tumblr, like, the new ytmnd?
Or, more specifically, a big ytmnd page containing a buncha little ytmnd pages?
I mean, there’s much less retardedness here than on ytmnd, but still.

#10 Updated by Kelly Kapowski about 7 years ago


No ytmnd has managed to garner more views than the original yourethemannowdog.com for over a decade.

This begs the question: was YTMND ever popular?


That's the joke.

#11 Updated by Looney Riggins almost 7 years ago

You should request it to the site administration, and FYI this site is not a social media site, maybe you can try to tell the site admin or write a narrative essays to change this forum site to a social networking site.


#12 Updated by Sharon Cooper over 6 years ago

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