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Can't do it. you can name whatever information in the first page, then go to the second, and i'm using the newest java version and flash version and the newest version of opera browser, version 3.6.22 of firefox and internet explorer 8. and you get to the second page, and pick the gif file or any file, animated gif, jpeg, any picture file with the right dimensions and pick a sound file with right dimensions.
nothing will upload.
internet explorer, as soon as you pick the picture, it pops up a error box saying no valid files uploaded, error #2. then you click ok, then another box pops up, saying dong.
opera, nothing happens when you pick your files, the boxes become unusable, they grey out, when you pick your file, you cna't change it unless you refresh or come back to the page, its shows 0% and nothing happens, in both picture and sound boxes, then when you click save, it pops up a box saying cannot convert 'event' to object. report error to "email".
firefox the buttons become unusable, they grey out, when you pick your file, it says 0%. and clicking save does nothing. just doesn't work.

have tried to remake a site, make any other site, use any other file, and they don't upload. can't make a site.

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#1 Updated by Max Goldberg over 7 years ago

Does the page at http://ytmnd.com/assets/upload work for you?

#2 Updated by ladeeee daaaa over 7 years ago

no it sits at 0% with no error from opera. upload does nothing.

#3 Updated by ladeeee daaaa over 7 years ago

ok that link, i can upload it with the url, upload to an intnernet

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