Bug #121

Corrupted or badly formatted audio freezes the browser

Added by Francesco Kekko almost 8 years ago.

Status:Unverified Start date:08/16/2011
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That's basically what it says in the title: corrupted or badly formatted audio files in a YTMND make the CPU usage jump to the point of freezing the system. Tested with Firefox 5.0 and Chrome 13.0.782.112m on a WinXP SP2 system. The Quicktime plugin is disabled in Firefox.

You can check the issue by visiting this YTMND: http://ytmnd.com/sites/68231/profile
Be careful with the audio file, if opened with an audio editor (like Audacity) it's very loud static. But if opened with Quicktime it plays fine. According to Quicktime, the file looks like an uncompressed wav stream in an MP3 container. If you make a .wav file with the same length (47.8s), frequency (22.050Hz) and mono, you will get a file of roughly the same size as the "MP3" file. However, it's not really a YTMND bug, it's more of a problem based on the browser because it doesn't recognize a valid audio format so it freezes.

It might be useful for the YTMND serer to have a system that detects whether an audio file is corrupted or nonstandard. But then again, it's just a minor annoyance.

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