Bug #114

Some comments remain hidden after being +'d back to (0)

Added by Lastim Arrow almost 8 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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Not really a big deal, but the feature of hiding -'d comments seems to be a tad off in this area. I've seen many a hidden comment with a neutral comment rating, including in YTMND 2.0 (just never thought to report it until now).


#1 Updated by Prairiedogeric Ten almost 8 years ago

Just a follow up on this with a related bug. Unless someone else has already commented on it again, look at my string of comments at the bottom of this site's profile: http://ytmnd.com/sites/960774/profile

In Google Chrome at least, the last two replies will not appear when I click the "2 replies hidden" box. Instead, the box just collapses further. This, however, will no longer happen as soon as someone else leaves another normal comment on the site. This bug only occurs if there's a deep thread with no comments below it.

#2 Updated by Donny Ringold over 7 years ago

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#3 Updated by Madelene Wunner about 7 years ago

Hey thanks for the post because I did not know about this bug. It did not happen with me but it will be of quite a help for me. Thanks a lot again.
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#4 Updated by diana taylor almost 7 years ago

I was not knowing about this bug thanks to intimate us and let us know about the hidden comments.The hidden comment is useful when you want to hide or "comment out" part of your JSP page.

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